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Take a trip to Hogsmeade™ with Harry Potter™ and Dean Thomas. Buy tongue-tingling acid pops from Mrs. Flume at Honeydukes™, then go upstairs to help Mr. Flume make candy. Feeling thirsty? Try a Butterbeer at The Three Broomsticks, where Professor McGonagall™ is chatting to Madam Rosmerta by the fire. Includes an exclusive, golden, anniversary Ron Weasley™ minifigure and 4 random wizard card tiles!



Magical transformations with the Polyjuice potion
Kids transform favorite Harry Potter™ characters with Polyjuice potion in the Hogwarts™ bathroom then conjure up magical adventures of their own.



'Harry Potter™ enthusiasts will be spellbound by the Hogwarts™ Astronomy Tower. It’s filled to the turrets with iconic locations and authentic details.'






'Take Harry Potter™ fans into a world of magic, mystery and amazing creatures as Harry, Hermione and Dolores Umbridge™ enter the Forbidden Forest.'

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'Put Harry Potter™ magic into children’s hands with Harry, Hermione Granger™ and Luna Lovegood™ as they practice spells and share magical adventures.'



'Help Harry Potter™ save Sirius Black™ from the Dementors™! Summon your happiest memories and cast Harry’s stag Patronus with Expecto Patronum, as seen in the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban™ movie. Will Harry succeed? Only you can decide…'



'Step into LEGO® Fantastic Beasts™ 75952 Newt’s Case of Magical Creatures, there’s room for everyone! Help Newt take Jacob, Tina and Queenie on a tour around the different magical beast habitats, and teach them how to look after the Erumpent, Occamy, Thunderbird, Niffler and Bowtruckle. Have lots of Fantastic Beasts fun exploring, mixing potions and caring for the magical creatures.'

Other set may be advalible in stoe so always worth asking if you dont see what your looking for

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